Mobridge Medical Clinic

The Mobridge Medical Clinic address is 1309 10th Ave. W, Mobridge, SD 57601. To make an appointment, call 1(605)845.3692.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Mobridge Medical Clinic Services

Our team of experienced providers, along with qualified nursing and support staff, are committed to providing high quality compassionate care to you and your family. Mobridge Medical Clinic offers the following services:

Preventative Health Care

     Annual Exams

     Well-Child Care


     Patient Education

    Family and Internal Medicine

     Annual Exams

     DOT Exams

     Employment Exams

     Newborn, Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric Care

     Joint Injections

     Surgical Procedures

     Wound Care

     Skin Assessments

     Certified Diabetic Education

     Patient Education

 Women's Health Care

     Annual Exams

     Cervical Cancer Screening

     Breast Cancer Screening

     Routine Prenatal and Obstetrical Care

     Pre-Conception Counseling

     Breast Feeding Support

     Birth Control Counseling and Management

     South Dakota Family Planning

     All Women Count Program

     Patient Education

General Surgery

     Surgical Consultations

     Surgical Procedures

     Wound Care

Specialty Clinics

A variety of specialty services from Aberdeen, SD and Bismarck, ND are available at Mobridge Regional Hospital & Mobridge Medical Clinic.

Audiology - Aberdeen Hearing and Tinnitus Center

Dr. Rebecca Rich
2220 6th Ave. SE Suite 1 Aberdeen, SD 57401
To make an appointment, call 1(605) 725-4327

Cardiology - Avera Medical Group

Kristin Dunn, PA-C
310 S. Penn Street #203 Aberdeen, SD 57401
To make an appointment call 1(605)622.2573

Counseling Services

Stephanie Lund-River's Edge Counseling
To make an appointment call 1(605) 848-4957

Ear Nose & Throat - Avera Medical Group

Dr. Robert Cihak

Heidi G. Gehrke, PA-C
820 1st Ave. SE Suite 100, Aberdeen, SD 57401
To make an appointment, call 1(605) 622-5506

Nephrology - Avera Medical Group

Alisa Hogue, CNP
310 S. Penn St Suite 203 Aberdeen, SD 57401
To make an appointment, call 1(605)622-2895

Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian

Tracy Wright, MBA, RD, LN

Call (605) 765-2111 to make an appointment

Obstetric/Gynecology - Mid Dakota Clinic Center for Women

Dr. Jerry M. Obritsch
1000 E. Rosser Ave. Bismarck, ND 58501
To make an appointment, call 1(701) 712-4500


Dr. Monte Leidenix- Vision Care Associates of Mobridge
620 N. 9th St. Bismarck, ND
Call (701) 222-2020 to make an appointment

Orthopedic - Avera Orthopedic Surgery Specialists

Dr. Patrick Miller, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Garrett Wobst, Podiatrist

Dr. Daniel Dixon, Orthopedic Surgeon
701 8th Ave. NW Aberdeen, SD 57401
To make an appointment, call
1(605) 622-6766 or (800) 765-2660


Pain Management - Avera Pain Management Center

Dr. Shawna M. Schmidt
Lisa Wurnig-Johnson, PA-C

701 8th Ave. NW Aberdeen, SD 57401
To make an appointment, call 1(605) 622-5123

Urology - Mobridge Regional Hospital

Dr. Paul Eckrich
1401 10th Ave W Mobridge SD 57601
To make an appointment, call 1(605)845.3692

Wound Treatment Center

Lacey Rohrbach, RN

Call 845-8125 to schedule an appointment