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Operating Room Circulating Nurse 03-2019

March 2019

Mobridge Regional Hospital is looking for a full or part time Registered nurse to work in our Surgery Department as a Circulating Nurse/Perioperative Nurse.  We currently have one General Surgeon on staff as well as other internal medical physicians that perform a variety of procedures as well as perform cataract surgery regularly. We are a busy 25 bed critical access hospital and perform emergency procedures as needed. We are working with other specialty providers to expand our surgical services to the five county area we currently serve.

All surgical staff are currently on a shared on call basis.

The Registered Nurse Circulator (Perioperative Nurse) plans and performs all nursing care for patients who will undergo surgery and other invasive procedures. They provide nursing care from assessment to outcome evaluation. The Circulating Nurse is the single advocate for patient safety during various operative procedures. The Perioperative nurse is a unique nursing speciality and is an essential member of the surgery team. They collaborate with other members of the team including the anesthetists, surgeon, surgical technologists, surgical assistants and other personnel. They render expert pre-, intra- and post operative nursing services.

The Perioperative Nurse requires a distinct set of skills and knowledge through specialized education and training. They will plan and perform all nursing care for patient from assessment to outcome evaluation.

In the Operating room the duties of the circulating nurse are carried out outside of the sterile area. They manage all of the necessary care inside the surgery room, assisting the team in maintaining and creating a comfortable, safe environment for the patient and observes the team from a wide perspective. They must ensure all surgical team members perform in a unified effort.

Applicants should have strong assessment, and diagnostic skills, as well as critical thinking and planning skills. The circulating nurse can direct care and the activities of the team for the patient's best care and interest.

Below is the list of job skills and roles of a circulating nurse during perioperative procedure:

  • Patient Safety – every patient deserves a trained, skilled and knowledgeable RN in the surgery room, assuming the role as patient advocate – the primary spokesperson of the patient

  • Skillful clinical judgment– observation, knowledge, and assessment skills along with the ability to foresee needs are essential to the success of the operation. This attribute is also an imperative component when making decisions in behalf of the patient.

  • Informed Monitoring – the circulating nurse serves the welfare of the patient including the team's success by assuming the role of an active observer, carefully watching any unintended or unanticipated event that could compromise the patient.

  • Critical thinking –as the patient's guardian in the operating room, it is the nurse circulator's job to perform an accurate recording, interpretation and response to the stream of data that is present during the course of operation

  • Accurate assessment – the education, training, and unwavering commitment to the patient allows the RN circulator to respond appropriately and quickly to the patient's psychological, social and biological health.

  • Interpersonal communication skills –possessing a mix of proficiency, perception, and professionalism, these components defines a circulating nurse's ability to interact and collaborate with all members of the team, which results to high quality level of care provided to the patient.

  • Expert evaluation –a circulating nurse is trained to perform accurate decision-making and perception, allowing not only sound assessment of the patient's condition but also capable in planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care.

This position is available for a full benefit package including paid time off, sick  and bereavement leave. Insurance benefits include Health, Dental, vision and Flex Medical and Dependant care spending account.  Life insurance and retirement are also available to employees meeting the 24 hour per week part time requirement.

This position is bonus eligible depending on applicants previous experience and education. 

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